Holidays in the USA

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Martin Luther King Day
Martin Luther _______ was the most important ______________________ of this time. He fought very hard for the _____________ of blacks in the USA. He was shot in ___________________ in Tennessee.
After his ________________ (Tod) his ______________ fought on for the civil rights. 20 years later the American ___________________ made Martin Luther King´s birthday a ______________________.

George Washington´s birthday
This holiday is always on the ______________ Monday in ___________________. Americans _____________________(feiern) the birthday of their ___________________________________________.

He _____________________ American soldiers against the English army in the War of _______________________.

Memorial Day
On Memorial DAy people remember __________________________________ or friends who have died. This __________________ goes back to the time of the _________________________________ WAR. People put ________________ or _________________ on the graves.
Memorial day is also the beginning of the _______________ __________________.

Independence DAY
Americans celebrate Indepencence Day on ____________. It is the birthday of _____________________________
America was once a land of _________________________ which belonged to __________________________.
With the ________________ of ____________________________ America broke away from England and a new nation was ___________________: the ________________________________of America.
On this day people are very happy. They celebrate with lots of ____________________________________.

Columbus DAY
Who discovered America? The Indians or Christopher Columbus? Well, in the year _______________ Columbus reached America. Indians had lived there a long time before. Because Columbus was an ___________________, it is a very special holiday for all Italien people in America. However, he sailed for the _________________king.

Thanksgiving DAY
Americans remember the ________________________________ families who came to the USA. Families celebrate this day with a big ___________________. They eat a huge _______________.

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