Penguin Readers Elementary

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Nouns Singular forms and plural forms with s
Common irregular plural forms
Possessive form ('s)
Transparent compounds
Gerunds for activities and pastimes

Verbs Tenses:
Present simple (except negative questions)
Present progressive with present and future meaning
Simple past of listed regular and irregular verbs verbs

going to for prediction and intention
Parts of be, have, have got; There is/are/was/were
Positive and negative imperative forms
Positive, negative and question forms
Short answers.
can for ability and permission; Let's...
Irregular past forms: came/did/had/said/was/were/went
can for possibility
would like + noun phrase
would like + infinitive
-ing forms after like, stop
Infinitive forms after want, start
Negative questions
will for offers, requests, and with future meaning
could for past ability and possibility
have to for obligation
Common phrasal verbs with transparent meanings
-ing forms after go, verbs of (dis)like
Infinitive forms after want, start, like

Determiners Articles: a, an, the or zero + noun (phrase)
Cardinal numbers (also as pronouns): 1 - 1,000
Ordinal numbers (for dates): 1st - 100st
Quantifiers: some, any, a little, a lot (of)
Quantifiers with more
Distributives: every, all + noun, another, other, each
Demonstrative: these, those (also pronouns)
Interrogative Which ? (also pronoun)

Pronouns Personal, subject and direct object
Demonstrative: this, that, these, those (also as determiners)
Interrogative: Who? What? Which? (also determiner)
It (+ be) in impersonal expressions
As indirect objects
some-, no-, any-, every-(body/thing)

Adjectives Simple adjectives (attributive and predicative)
Comparative: -er/more + adjective...than, as ... as
Superlative: the -est in/of, most + adjective
better, best, worse, worst, more, most
too + adjective
How + adjective

Adverbs Some adverbs of frequency, place and time
Adjective +ly [see wordlist]
Interrogatives: Where? When? Why?; How (much/many)?
Intensifier: very
Additive: too
Adjective + (i)ly
Irregular adverbs of manner
Indefinite: somewhere, nowhere, anywhere, everywhere

Conjunctions and, because, but, or to join words, phrases, clauses
so, before, after, when

Sentences Simple one-clause sentences
Two clauses joined with and, but, because or or
Direct speech + noun/pronoun + say/ask
Two clauses joined with so, before, after, when
Direct speech + subject/verb inversion
Reported speech with present tense reporting verb
know, think, hope etc + that clause

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