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Nouns Singular forms and plural forms with s
Common irregular plural forms
Possessive form ('s)
Transparent compounds

Verbs Parts of be, have, have got; There is/are
Positive imperative forms
Positive, negative and question forms
Short answers.
Present simple (except negative questions)
Present continuous with present meaning (except negative questions)
can for ability and permission; Let's...

Determiners Articles: a, an, the or zero + noun (phrase)
Cardinal numbers (also as pronouns): 1 - 100
Ordinal numbers (for dates): 1st - 31st
Quantifiers: some, any
Distributives: every, all + noun

Pronouns Personal, subject and direct object
Demonstrative: this, that (also as determiners)
Interrogative: Who? What?
It (+ be) in impersonal expressions

Adjectives Simple adjectives (attributive and predicative)

Adverbs Some adverbs of frequency, place and time
Adjective +ly [see wordlist]
Interrogatives: Where? When? Why?; How (much/many)?
Intensifier: very
Additive: too

Conjunctions and, but, or to join words, phrases, clauses

Sentences Simple one-clause sentences
Two clauses joined with and, but or or
Direct speech + noun/pronoun + say/ask

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